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Helping Arts, Children, Education, Health
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Food for a child to support one week.

Mission Statement:
The center’s mission is to guide and harbor local talents, help them polish their artistic skills to flourish as professional artists in order to gain a living.
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man how to fish;and you have fed him for a lifetime”.

Bagamoyo Township
The township of Bagamoyo located 75 kms north of the Tanzania capital of Dar Es Salam. This area has been an integral part of a rich artistic history throughout the past centuries. AMAP was one of the first community-based learning centers in town.

Bagamoyo - as with most of Tanzania - is home to many disadvantaged children; children who have either lost their parents or have been abandoned, and some of whom live on the street. The AMAP offers a refuge to vulnerable adolescents and a future hope to those who have joined its program.

Who We Are
The East Africa Aid Foundation is a non profit organization formed under the by-laws of New York State and registered under the by-laws of the government of Tanzania.

The East Africa Aid Foundation was founded under the burden of social responsibility, and funded by your charitable donations to aid with various humanitarian, social, and community based projects in the rural areas of the East Africa region.

History & Background
Founded in 2006 by talented local artist Saidi Mbungu in Bagamoyo, the historical town located north of the capital, Tanzania AMAP serves as Bagamoyo’s first community based learning center. The township of Bagamoyo is no alien to art and has been an integral part of a rich artistic history throughout the past centuries. It has recently been considered a world heritage site by the UNESCO and many of its historic buildings are currently under restoration by the UN organization. The AMAP headquarters are located at the beachfront adjacent to “Posta Zamani”, the prior location of Bagamoyo’s post office and right in the heart of the downtown area.

What we do!
Our primary activities centres around caring for the children in our care. We supply the following basic needs; health, nutrition, education, love and attention. There will be a teaching staff of a ratio of approximately one teacher to six students at all times. Lunch will be made every day for all children and staff. Reports and newsletters will be compiled at regular intervals and the Website will be kept active and current. Fundraising, tendering for grants and soliciting sponsorship will be a continual labor. We will also do our best to secure the children’s future, by keeping in touch with their existing family and regular home visits.

The purchase of lunch for one child at the school for Monday to Friday.

We welcome travelers to visit the project at any time. It is a short ride away from the capital city of Dar Es Salam. It would be best if you can schedule your visit any day Monday to Friday so you can attend the school in session.

What To Bring

We do not require anyone to bring anything but the children always like gifts & would appreciate a nice surprise. Small back packs, pencil cases, colors are some good examples of small gifts that will always be appreciated.

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