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Helping Arts, Children, Health, Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

$5 means art materials, healing lunches, therapeutic song-downloads and much more.

The Ragamuffin Project is an Intertnational NGO delivering Creative Arts Therapy treatment, training programmes and clinical supervision, in the UK, Russia and Cambodia. Established in the UK in 1999, Ragamuffin has been working in Cambodia since 2001 in partnership with NGO's and the statutory sector in reducing the impact of endemic trauma and mental health problems through Creative Arts & Music Therapy, Wilderness & Adventure Therapy, professional training, supervision and therapeutic retreat programmes.

Arts Therapists are professionally trained and registered clinicians. By translating real life experience into self-made Art works, the therapist enables the client to unlock and explore their inner world. Ragamuffin's Creative Arts Therapy Centre in Cambodia provides a sanctuary in which to unlock this experience and enable the person to face their fear, tell their story, express deep emotion and so find relief from symptoms, building confidence and strengthening resilience in children and families suffering from trauma and mental health.

Ragamuffin work with orphans, victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation, those living with disability and vulnerable communities struggling with poverty, domestic violence, depression and other mental health problems.

$5 contributes to art materials essential for Creative Art Therapy; $5 can buy a healing lunch at the sanctuary's Intimate-Cafe; or for $5 you can download a recording from the Lighthouse Therapeutic studio.

You can visit Ragamuffin House in Phnom Penh at lunch time, weekdays from 12-2pm. Booking is necessary, and don't forget to pre-order your exciting healing lunch prepared by Leakena at the Intimate Cafe.

Experience an inspirational and therapeutic environment at the sanctuary and meet the Ragamuffin team to learn more about their current projects and about the problems and solutions to the extensive and endemic mental health problems faced by Cambodians as a result of years of conflict and violent trauma.

Ragamuffin House is 5minutes tuk tuk ride from the Russian Market, South Phnom Penh. Drive to the Phnom Penh Sports Centre, cross the main road (st.271), go down a smaller road, taking the first left(st.12BT). When you see white and pink flowers outside a white gate, check the sign and find that you have arrived at the sanctuary. Please call Aleak on +85517839230 or +85512521032

What To Bring

Travelers should bring a healthy appetite for delicious food and an open mind and heart to learn more about Ragamuffin's work in Cambodia and beyond.

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