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Helping Children, Community Development, Disaster Recovery, Education, Health, Women and Girls
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Provides clean water for a family for 166 days.

1 in 9 children dies before age five and diarrhea is the leading cause... 


Deep Springs International is a non-profit organization that provides a solution to the water crisis in Haiti with the goal of sustainability. Using a simple and affordable chlorination system called the Bucket of Life, we empower individuals to provide safe water to their communities as a sustainable business. Even the poorest families can treat their water with this home system, regardless of the source.


…to improve life in developing countries by identifying and encouraging the use of affordable water purification systems, teaching the importance of proper household water treatment, and creating new business opportunities for local people

3 cents a day! At just 3 cents a day, The Bucket of Life is designed to be low tech: few moving parts, no complicated filters to clean or replace, and no electricity required. With just a capful of our locally produced chlorine a family has 5 gallons of clean water.

Contact us if interested in visiting our water projects in Haiti at [email protected]

What To Bring

Office Supplies, local Digicel phone cards to be used as prizes (incentives) for community education meetings, kitchenware and housewares to equip our guest house and regional offices.

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