Sanitary Towels and Under Garments for Poor Girls in East Africa

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Helping Women and Girls
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Here is an example of just how much $5USD can help. Huge difference. No cost.

Keeps 5 girls in school for a month.

Location Kiambu, Kenya

This project will ensure continued supply of sanitary towels and underpants to over 1000 young women in Kenya. This will keep them in school during their menstrual cycle, restore dignity and self esteem. The project will also provide HIV and health education and career mentor-ship to vulnerable kids of both sexes with emphasis to girls who are more vulnerable. The project will further provide school uniforms and supplies to both boys and girls from families affected by HIV/Aids.

Many school going girls continue to miss school during their menses. According to UNICEF 2007 report, a girl in primary school between grades 6 and 8 (3 years) loses approximately 18 weeks out of 108 school weeks. A girl in high school (4 years) loses 156 learning days which is equivalent to almost 24 weeks out of 144 weeks of school. Because of poverty most use pieces of dirty rugs, cotton wool, leaves and paper some even wash and recycle. These practices expose them to diseases and discomfort.

$5 will provide 5 girls with Sanitary towels a packet each for one month.

This project can be visited any time of the year. On weekdays and weekends. It takes approximately 45 minutes in a taxi drive from Nairobi city.

Please Contact James Waruiru, Tel: 254 721 445295, +254 733 235054, Email [email protected] 

If you contact us in advance, our team will be glad to collect the visitors from the Airport or hotel.

What To Bring

Sanitary napkins, girls underwear, boys underwear, food ie- corn floor, beans, cooking oil, sugar etc, toys, books, computers, iPads etc

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This is so true and infact i have witnessed the same coz i work with company that deal with such product
Reviewed By:James
Thanks for moral support Stephen, maybe we can connect some more and chat how we may benefit from the products made by your company, we may as well want to ask you to become one of us and help us raise support for this project....even idea input is very welcome. Thanks again.