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TravelGiver.com allows you to give to the project of your choice, at no extra cost.


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0.5%-3% for hotels, 2.5% for car hire, 1.5% for holidays and USD$1.50 per flight
3% for hotels, 2.5% for car hire, 1.5% for holidays, 2.5% for travel insurance and 0.5% for flights
Book here to give 1% (at no extra cost) to the project of your choice.
printed or digital books
$4 for flights, $7.50 for accommodation, $2.50 for car rental, $2.50 for insurance and $12.50 for packages & tours.
Enquire online here to give £2.50 (at no extra cost) to the project of your choice.
AUD$2 for domestic flights and AUD$4 for international flights

Ethical Travel Bookings Online

These days, more and more travellers are becoming interested in ways to give back to the local communities in the destinations they visit. Ethical travel and giving back to local communities in destination countries is becoming more and more important to educated, compassionate travellers. The rise and rise of voluntourism, donating professional expertise to NGO projects and other such initiatives really shows how many Australians want to get more involved in the places they visit, rather than just looking on from a distance. It’s understandable – after all, it can be frustrating and sad to see people suffering whilst you’re meant to be enjoying a holiday! For compassionate travellers looking for an ethical travel agent, or looking for opportunities to donate some time in the country they visit, TravelGiver is a great place to start.

What is ethical travel?

Ethical travel is travel, transport, accommodation and activities which have no negative impact on the people, infrastructure or environment of the destination country. It’s interaction between tourists and locals which is positive, peaceful, friendly, and benefits members of the local community who may be disadvantaged. Ethical travel can include anything from regular holidays where financial donations are made to charities, to voluntourism where the primary purpose of the journey is to work on a local project.

With TravelGiver, the basic premise is that we (as your ethical travel agency online) pass on commissions from booking engines to the local beneficiary organisation of your choice. TravelGiver works sort of like philanthropic travel agents online, but instead of the commission from airlines and accommodation providers going into agents’ pockets, they’re channeled towards grass roots charity organisations. You get the itinerary you want – flights, transfers and accommodation all on your own schedule and to suit your needs – but you also get to choose a charity to benefit from your booking. You may then choose to visit or volunteer with that organisation, should you so wish. We cover Asia, including popular destinations such as Cambodia and India, and Africa, including Kenya.

How can I book?

To make a booking via us as your philanthropic travel agency, simply sign in, click on the ‘Bookings’ page, and click through to the booking engine of your choice. For more information or for assistance with using our system, please feel free to contact us.

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